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1983 - Cinelli SC Golden Black

Mod. S.C. Golden Black Limited Edition; Special Project by Antonio Colombo 1981 - 18k Gold-Plated Parts and 18k Gold solid elements.


serial number 83520G

Size: seat tube 51cm c-c, top tube 52cm c-c - weight 8,9 kg

frame/fork: Cinelli Columbus

crank: Campagnolo Super Record 52/42t (18k Gold-Plated parts)

Straps: Binda Leather with 18k Gold-Plated buckle

sprocket: Regina CX 6-speed freewheel

chain: Regina Record black

derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record (18k Gold-Plated parts)

hubs: Campagnolo Super Record 32h LF

Rims: Fiamme 700

Tires: Clement Seta Extra black Tubulars

Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record (18k Gold-Plated parts)

bar: Cinelli Mod. Giro d'Italia 40cm - Almarc leather finiture (C logo - Solid Gold 18k)

stem: Cinelli 1R (18k Gold-Plated parts)

saddle: Cinelli Unicanitor

Seat-post: Campagnolo Super Record 27.2 (18k Gold-Plated parts)

Seat Bolt: Cinelli 18k Gold-Plated

Paint: Black Glass Shine

Identifying plate: Solid Gold 18k

This Bicycle Combines all technical and design features of the Cinelli SC road model with an exceptionally refined and precious aesthetic conception. The black color is rigorously present in each component. With its solid 18k gold parts (Handlebar mark and ID plate) and high thickness Gold plated parts, The Golden Black S.C. was produced in very few numbered units.

Special Thanks to Speedbicycles Gmbh for pictures.

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