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1957 - Cinelli S.C. (Ron Kitching ed.)

Ron Kitching, was one of the most influential cycle trade figures since the war. He made his fortune in cycling, and returned much of it to cycling through sponsorship of racing, cycling groups and events. Ron was a champion road racer and time triallist in the 1930s, who used his expertise to found a shop in Harrogate and a company importing and distributing cycle components. He was also a partner in several high-class cycle manufacturing ventures.

CINELLI Super Corsa - 1957 / Ron Kitching Special Edition

serial number 6379

Condition: Preserved

Frame/Fork: Columbus

Lugs: Cinelli, Georg Fisher

Derailleurs: Campagnolo Gran Sport

Handebar/Stem: Cinelli steel

Handlebar shifters: Campagnolo Gran Sport

Hubs: Campagnolo Gran Sport

Crankset and bottom bracket: Magistroni

Brake set: Universal 51

Headset: Cinelli steel

Saddle: Brooks B17

Pedals: Sheffield Sprint

Rims: Nisi Toro

Ron Kitching's catalogue "Everything Cycling" presents the range of Cinelli production imported into the UK. The models included were: Corsa, Super Corsa, Pista, Riviera, Handlebars, Stems and more. At the end of the 1960s, in over 200 pages of detailed information, the English catalogue was considered an encyclopaedia of cycling, the stuff of dreams for cyclists everywhere.

Special Thanks for pictures and info to and Otley Cycle Club.

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